I’m Gail – I live in Surrey and work in London.  I’m a regular theatre goer and have recently started to make more of an effort to write reviews of the shows I see.  I prefer plays to musicals.

My Theatre degree focused more on the extremes of weirdness in contemporary performance (Franko B, Orlan, Jordan McKenzie – Google them if you dare.  On second thoughts, just don’t.  Spare your eyes).  It has reaffirmed my love of the traditional ‘well written play’ but equally, it hasn’t totally put me off seeing the slightly more unusual shows that are out there – provided it’s a bit quirky for a good reason, my curiosity will usually drag me to the box office.

I can sometimes be found either acting or stage managing at my wonderful local theatre in Surrey: The Miller Centre Theatre, Caterham.  We put on 9 plays a year for 9 nights each with something for everyone – our auditorium seats 198 people and can be configured for in-the-round performances.  I am also on the Production Committee helping to choose the plays we put on, and the Liaison for our Young Players (which is where I started when I was just 13!).

My favourite theatre in the whole world is The Minack Theatre, Porthcurno in Cornwall.  (I’ve just been for my 7th time…).  If this picture doesn’t make you want to visit, I don’t know what will:

minack desktop


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