Robin Hood Panto – Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks

It’s December and panto season is definitely upon us, so I went to see Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood at the Stag Theatre for some festive fun.  This has all the expected traditional fare; man dressing up as woman – check. Girl dressing up as boy – check.  Goodies and baddies – check.  Singing and dancing – check.  But the script is a little unbalanced which presents a few challenges to this talented cast.

The highlight of any panto is the dame – and Robert Pearce is resplendent as Nurse Nellie in a series of increasingly ridiculous and cumbersome costumes.  He (she?) is complimented by Ant Payne as obligatory idiot Silly Billy Scarlet and they make a great double act; their scenes together are loaded with pace and the sort of inappropriate topical jokes which are part of any pantomime.  Andy Abraham (X Factor finalist 2005) is a cheerful and likeable Little John.

Full review continues here


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